Looking Forward to Sunday…

Please read Matthew 22:15-22 “Is it lawful…?” Jesus is asked. The Temple authorities are trying to trip Jesus up here. They hold up a silver coin and ask, “is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar?”.

A Sermon in Five from Sunday, Oct. 12

A Sermon in Five from Sunday, Oct. 12 Please Matthew 22:1-14 I don’t much like this parable of Jesus — and I’m not alone. Some commentators dislike it so much they question whether Jesus actually said it or not. We know there are portions of the gospels that seem to be more commentary by the […]

Looking Forward to Sunday, Oct. 12…

Please read Matthew 22:1-14. I don’t like this parable of Jesus. The first part, where those first invited to the party are rude and find all kind of foolish reasons to not come, then “mistreat … and kill” the servants bearing the invitations seems a bit over the top. Then the king destroys the murderers and […]

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