Looking Forward to Sunday…

The Worship Bulletin for Palm Sunday, March 29 is now available at Worship>Weekly Worship Bulletin>Current Bulletin. This is Palm Sunday… which actually should be “Leafy Branch Sunday” if you follow Matthew (as we have been this year) — read Matthew 21:8 if you are wondering what I’m talking about.

A Sermon in Five from Sunday, March 22

A Sermon in Five from March 22, 2015 Please read Matthew 25:31-46 First Israel, then Judah, fall to the mighty Babylonian Empire. First Israel, then Judah, were scattered, dispersed, deported into exile in Babylon.

Looking Forward to Sunday…

The worship bulletin for Sunday, March 22 has now been posted online (worship –> weekly worship bulletin –> current bulletin). The scripture for Sunday is Matthew 25:31-46 —

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