Cornerstone Community Church of Lansingburgh

“You matter to God and you matter to us”

A Cornerstone Sermon…

A Cornerstone Sermon for September 25, 2016 Key Scripture: Genesis 15:15-21 – A Tapestry of pain and forgiveness What if you had the power and opportunity to punish those who have hurt you?– if one day those who sold you down the river, those who you thought you could trust– and it turned out you […]

Looking Forward to Sunday…

The worship bulletin for Sunday, September 25 is now online. Our key scripture is Genesis 50:15-21. I call this reading ‘A tapestry of pain and forgiveness’ — have you ever looked on the back side of a needlepoint or tapestry? Does it look the same as the front side? No… it looks like a tangle […]

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